Our Arizona Lions Vision & Hearing Foundation “Memorial Wall” pays tribute to a Lion or a Lion’s loved one with a bronze, gold, or platinum leaf placed on our tree of honor. This hand-painted tree (shown above) is located in our Phoenix office and recycling center. Three levels of recognition are available with a donation of $100 for a bronze leaf, $500 for a gold leaf, and $1,000 for a platinum leaf. Additionally, we provide the Helen Keller “Knights of the Blind” award as an honorarium / memorial available for $1,000.

We encourage individuals to include their personal bequeath to the foundation in a will or trust, detailing instructions for obtaining a memorial leaf. This assures that your gift will be provided precisely as intended. The foundation can provide a Will Bequest Kit, at no cost, upon request.

Please contact us at 602-954-1723 for additional information and assistance.

Memorial Tree donation form